Tesco introduced a scheme called the “Youth Activation” programme which gives young un-employed people a chance to upskill and gain possible employment with Tesco. 

Our brief was to do all the video production and produce an online piece which would both show-case their premises and highlight the positive work that is going on in the Distribution Centre. The premises is one of the largest in Europe and is the size of 6 Croke Park football pitch’s. 

We worked with Bill Halliden who is the personnel manager on the site. We spent almost a full day on site interviewing staff and getting key shots within the building. 

Highlights of this project

** The video was entered into an in-house competition for both the UK and Irish market showcasing the positive work that is being done on-site

** The video has almost 10k views online

** It was great to be able to showcase something positive that is helping young people up skill and get off social welfare